A Home They Departed Remains Inside Iraq And The Iraqis

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Misery, neglect, orphan hood, disability are common factors tying the children of post war Iraq, whose parents were killed in the furnace of consecutive wars, suffering from all kinds of sorrow and deprivation from care, attention and proper fundamental upbringing.

It has been a while since military operation seized in Iraq, yet the Iraqi child continues to witness horrible blood scenes turning out to be first victim.

Sahib, a twelve year old Iraqi boy in year six, makes his way to school in the morning, the school he had always loved and had blooming dreams of a prosperous future.  His mother, filled with this daily fear her son might not make it home safe because of terrorists attacks, said good bye.

Sahib Abbas, a youth, got into the same taxi that collects him to school every day with his peers in the morning of 1st November 2009 in Karbala city.  Fate was awaiting those students on the road.  The car that took them exploded and bodies and dreams were scattered.  Some perished may God extends His mercy upon them.  The explosion caused severe injuries in Sahib’s right leg and shrapnel in the skull, nose fracture and injuries in the ears.  Finally Sahib had his right leg amputated.  Following this he was taken to hospital and had a number of operations.

Sahib was no longer mobile.  Since that day he could not play with his friends.  He stayed in hospital for a year getting treatment.  Doctors advised that gets fitted with an artificial leg so he could walk.

Sahib’s family resorted to governmental authorities and religious bodies to help them with the exorbitant expenses of getting him a leg in Jordan, as these facilities are not available in Iraq.  All what the authorities answered was: ‘Wait’.

Sahib and his family waited long.  Promises were prolonged and fruitless.  His mental state, and his family’s, was aggravated.  All that was left for them to do was to follow their friend’s advice and knock at the doors of charities.  Yet still no satisfactory answer apart from World Wide Welfare.

This charity called upon generous donors who answered a human call.  They paid for passports, visas, and the trip to Amman and the first operation.

Sahib and his family returned from Amman happily with smiles on the faces.  A temporary artificial leg was fitted, his attending doctor advised him to practice on this leg for six months.  But he would still need a permanent leg to accommodate his growth.  The family now is in another dilemma!!! Where would they get the money for the second permanent leg??

Sahib’s mother contacted World Wide Welfare and the charity personnel hurried to contact a number of donors

God bless them and another sum was raised in a charity night on 12th March 2012 to help Sahib get fitted with the permanent leg.

The family went to Amman two weeks ago.  He had a surgical operation on his nose which was fractured as a result of the explosion.  And this was causing difficulties in his breathing.  And the second artificial leg was fitted, a permanent leg that will adapt with his growth in the future.

World Wide Welfare thanks all the generous sisters and brothers who left Iraq but their hearts remained there.  While living overseas they think of the Iraqis pain and suffering.  We value their donations to World Wide Welfare taking part in fulfilling its humanitarian projects.

We also thank all those who gave away donations in the charity night on 12/03/2012 which enabled the charity  to cover the expenses of fitting the permanent artificial leg to the youth Sahib Abbas two days ago on 13th July 2012, to be exact, in one of Amman’s hospitals.  This is a photo of him wearing the new artificial leg fitted by his attending doctor.  You can see happiness on the face of the injured and his family.

Dr. Bayan Alaraji on behalf of the trustees of World Wide Welfare: Mrs. Niam Alawi, Mrs. Sundus Latif, Mrs. Thuraya Al-Sarraf, Dr. Zahraa Latif.


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