An orphan girl success story

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Zainab….was an outstanding girl, born in 1991, orphaned at an early age.  Her mother was trying hard to care for her and her younger brother.

They were living with other relatives in a small room within a small house in Najaf, south to Baghdad in Iraq.  Hardship, poverty and wars struck most families in Iraq since 1991 until today.

The pain that Zainab and her family have suffered was too overwhelming to be contained in a 12-year old heart.  The girl was full of dreams about her future.

Zainab was an intelligent, shy, quiet girl.  She passed all her exams each year with distinction.

After the change in Iraq in 2003, World Wide Welfare was the first charity in Iraq to start an Orphan Sponsorship Project to support orphans in continuation of its work with the Iraqi refugees since 1993.  At that time there was a large number of orphaned children due to wars and the brutality of the Iraqi regime.

In October 2005, Zainab joined the Orphan Sponsorship Project of World Wide Welfare, when she was in her second intermediate year.

During these years, Zainab was working very hard at school; securing a place for admission into Bachelor of Pharmacy in Kufa University is a great achievement for this youngster haunted day and night by hardship and poverty.

Her younger brother left school early to work in the Bazaar to support his sister and his mother.  In addition to the support from a sponsor via World Wide Welfare, finally Zainab found her dreams come true.

In November 2012, Dr Bayan Alaraji in one of her trips to meet the orphans in Iraq, met Zainab and her mother at their house in Najaf.

Zainab was in her third year in Kufa University studying Pharmacy.  In two years’ time, she will be graduated from the University to work as a Pharmacist in Iraq which is a great achievement for Zainab.

On behalf of Zainab and her family, World Wide Welfare would like to thank all the sponsors who supported Zainab in her study to reach this stage.

World Wide Welfare policy is to support all talented orphans who reach beyond the age of 18 to continue their education.

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