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Distribution Report for May, June and July 2010

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Grand distribution of goods to orphans, widows and poor families

Families waiting for distribution1904 families from 11 provinces in Iraq received assistance during the months of May, June and July 2010. It was the greatest distribution ever done by World Wide Welfare to the needy families in Iraq. All thanks go to contributors and donors.

The number of widows and orphans is increasing in Iraq as a result of the deteriorating security situation. Failure of the government to provide basic services to the people makes it very difficult for poor families to survive. The number of widows is estimated at one million, the number of orphans is four million and the number of disabled is one million according to government figures. One of the projects of World Wide Welfare is to give cash assistance, distribute household goods and basic food baskets to the poor and needy families.

The number of families and provinces that benefited from the distribution:

  • 200 families from Baghdad
  • 42 families from Hilla (Babylon)
  • 56 families from Karbala
  • 87 families from Diwania (Al-Qadisiyya)
  • 25 families from Samawa (Al-Muthanna)
  • 56 families from Nasiriyah (DheeQar)
  • 56 families from Alemara (Meesan)
  • 26 families from Diyala,25 families from Wasit
  • 1275 families from Najaf Province
  • 56 families from Basra.

Widow recieving eggs and foodEach family received cash assistance and a basic food basket which consists of 5kg rice, 5kg sugar, 2kg tea, 2kg lentils, 2kg chickpeas, 2kg beans, one tin of tomato paste, one or two chickens according to the size of the families and 30 eggs.

Household appliances such as air coolers, refrigerators, cookers and other appliances were distributed according to the needs of the families.

  • 1282 families received different new garments.
  • 1904 received the food basket described above.
  • 20 families received fans.
  • 504 families received an air cooler.
  • 117 families received refrigerators.
  • 184 families received freezers.
  • 143 families received a Television set.
  • 34 families received cookers.
  • 10 families received a water heater
  • 2 families received a washer
  • 1109 families received sets of cooking utensils
  • 33 families received floor mats
  • 10 families received small cookers
  • 2 families received mattresses, pillows, carpet and floor mats

Distribution of food and household itemsWorld Wide Welfare also supports education projects; 22 gifted university orphan students from different provinces were awarded a PC and 25 other gifted orphans from different schools were awarded bicycles and others toys.

One very important project adopted by World Wide Welfare is to help poor men and women with marriage expenses; 25 newly-wed couples were awarded 1,500,000 Iraqi Dinars to help with their marriage expenses.

All the transport and travel expenses were paid by the charity. Free meals were given to all the families who attend on the distribution days.

World Wide Welfare would like to thank all people who donated generously which made our mission possible. My dedication goes to the main donors to the charity who are Iraqi families living abroad and especially in the UK.

World Wide Welfare operates on zero admin cost since 1993 and helps thousands of poor and needy people in many countries through projects covering education, humanitarian relief, medical assistance, basic food basket, orphans sponsorship, widows and disabled sponsorship.

If you like to donate to one or more of these projects please press donate now.

Your help will make a difference. Thank you for your generosity.

Distribution Report for October 2009

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  • The distribution of wages: Al-Ihsan distributed the wages to the orphans registered with the charity. There were 940 orphans in total
  • The distribution of oil heaters: Al-Ihsan distributed oil lamps to all the registered orphans as well as the poor and widows. Their total number was 1417.
  • The distribution of foodstuffs: Al-Ihsan distributed foodstuffs to registered orphans, the poor and widows. The registered poor were 240 in total, there were 40 widows and the needy families numbered 317 giving a total of 1417. The foodstuffs were as follows:
    • 5kg of Rice, 4kg of Sugar, 2 Bottles of Oil, 1Kg of Lentils, 1Kg of Chick Peas, 1 Tin of Tomato Puree, 1Kg of Beans, 1/2 kg of tea
  • The distribution of clothes: The distribution of clothes to 940 registered orphans
  • The distribution of blankets: Al-Ihsan distributed blankets to registered orphans
  • The distribution of stationary: Al-Ihsan distributed stationary to the 940 registered orphans

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