Distribution Report for October 2009

Distribution Reporton February 17th, 2010No Comments
  • The distribution of wages: Al-Ihsan distributed the wages to the orphans registered with the charity. There were 940 orphans in total
  • The distribution of oil heaters: Al-Ihsan distributed oil lamps to all the registered orphans as well as the poor and widows. Their total number was 1417.
  • The distribution of foodstuffs: Al-Ihsan distributed foodstuffs to registered orphans, the poor and widows. The registered poor were 240 in total, there were 40 widows and the needy families numbered 317 giving a total of 1417. The foodstuffs were as follows:
    • 5kg of Rice, 4kg of Sugar, 2 Bottles of Oil, 1Kg of Lentils, 1Kg of Chick Peas, 1 Tin of Tomato Puree, 1Kg of Beans, 1/2 kg of tea
  • The distribution of clothes: The distribution of clothes to 940 registered orphans
  • The distribution of blankets: Al-Ihsan distributed blankets to registered orphans
  • The distribution of stationary: Al-Ihsan distributed stationary to the 940 registered orphans

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Ahmed Salman Sahib Al-Sayigh