Basic Necessities

Monthly or bimonthly distribution of food baskets which contains most basic food items to the refugees and the poor have a great impact on their living conditions.

Disabled Sponsorship

Money for the disabled can cover rehabilitation and physiotherapy, fitting an artificial limb, walking aids, or wheelchairs if appropriate. Also money can help them learn new skills and have their own business to support themselves and their family.


In one of our centres in Iraq we already established a clinic with two doctors looking after the poor and examine them free of charge. We already started fundraising to establish a dental clinic which will give free dental examination and treatment.

Income Generating

The income generating project aims is to improve the situation of poor families; by improving the income of the targeted households, the nutritional status of their children will improve. For example purchasing sewing machines for needy families who sell the finished garment locally, the income will improve their financial status; children can continue their education because the mother is able to pay for their school needs, clothes and better food.

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsorship covers the cost of healthcare, food, clothing and education. World Wide Welfare currently managed to find sponsors for more than 1500 orphans, 400 widows and disabled and thousands of refugees inside and outside Iraq. Our goal is to find more sponsors for the other 1500 orphans and widows on our waiting list. As time goes by the orphans are suffering in silence as they are deprived of many basic human necessities.

Social Projects

Many young couples were unable to pay for their marriage expenses and their new homes; World Wide Welfare provides assistance to these needy couples with some cash and needed household items.

Student Sponsorship

The student sponsorship programme allows you to sponsor such students, ensuring they receive good education and have the chance for a better future; you will receive updates on their school progress and health.

World Wide Welfare also supports students who cannot afford to study in the university by paying their study fees, transport fees, and the cost of their clothes and books.

Widow Sponsorship

World Wide Welfare started this programme of widow sponsorship to help these widows with their basic living expenses such as food and healthcare; as a sponsor we send you an information pack which contains details of the widow if you like or you just donate to this project without having particular widow; all the money will go to support this project.