Basic Necessities

The statistics regarding hunger and malnutrition worldwide are shocking. The world produce more than enough food to feed everyone, meanwhile we have more than 800 million people around the world who are hungry; a child dies every five seconds from hunger-related causes.
World Wide Welfare adopted the project of food distribution to the poor, the needy and the refugees in different countries along with other projects.

Monthly or bimonthly distribution of food baskets which contains most basic food items to the refugees and the poor have a great impact on their living conditions.
In the holy month Ramadan while we have plenty of food to open our fasting, the poor and the needy cannot afford to have enough bread to eat; this is the bitter truth. It is our task to alleviate as much of their pain as we can. To do this we need your help; your donation towards food provision projects, Iftar projects and Adhahi (Qurbani) projects will give the opportunity to the poor to have better food and stop their suffering.

Every year W.W.W. works hard to ensure that many of the needy, the sick and the elderly are served with good hot meals as part of the Iftar project.

This Ramadan we managed to have Iftar everyday in 4 mosques in the city of Najaf south of Baghdad for 800 persons daily. We also distributed food to more than 1500 families in different areas in Iraq.

Last year Qurbani benefited many poor people. We hope this year, with your support and generosity, to give to more people and share the joy of this coming Eid-Al-Adha.

In addition to provision of food to needy families World Wide Welfare has been distributing household items that they need such as fridges, coolers, blankets, stoves , clothes and many other every day things that we take for granted.