There are many poor people around the world, particularly families with orphaned children and refugees who cannot afford medical care. Their priority is to find food; going to the doctor and buying medicines is not even a consideration unless it is life threatening. Many people are unable to pay hospital fees when they need an operation; some of them sell their household items to pay for treatment, and others suffer in silence. Often simple medicine or simple surgical procedure or small injection would end their suffering if they were given the chance of having some money. With your help and donation we can supply medicines to the needy according to the instruction of the doctors; our aim is to improve the health and the quality of life of the impoverished people by providing cash assistance, medicine, free eye examination and spectacles, free dental examination and treatment, free toothbrush and toothpaste. Some disabled need walking aids, wheelchairs and fitting of artificial limb which cost a lot of money.

World Wide Welfare helped several disabled by providing cash for them so they can have an artificial limb fitted for them. Also we helped other disabled by buying wheelchairs for them; see more of our work in our photo gallery.

Old men and women who develop cataract late in their life become blind and dependent. We helped many patients with some cash to have an operation to restore their sight and become independent.

In one of our centres in Iraq we already established a clinic with two doctors looking after the poor and examine them free of charge. We already started fundraising to establish a dental clinic which will give free dental examination and treatment.