Income Generation

The income generating project aims is to improve the situation of poor families; by improving the income of the targeted households, the nutritional status of their children will improve. For example purchasing sewing machines for needy families who sell the finished garment locally, the income will improve their financial status; children can continue their education because the mother is able to pay for their school needs, clothes and better food.

Other project can help these families is to supply them with 4 chickens, as they need low maintenance and each can lay 200 eggs a year providing families with protein in the diet, surplus eggs can be sold to pay for other needs.; When we provide a family with a couple of goats or a cow, we provide a continuous wealth and benefit, with milk for the family and excess milk to sell which provides a good income.

Also skill training for young people will create opportunities to get employed; this will help many families to become self sufficient and improve their lives.